Why do you need to use the BestMixer.io service for anonymity?

Many owners of the cryptocurrency use the mixing bitcoins technology during the transaction to prevent tracking of the operation. The BestMixer.io service helps many owners to make the racking impossible. The technology works the way that stops the shadowing and hacking.

Monetary nature of bitcoin

When forming the national currency against the dollar course, it includes:

  • the rate of inflation (the higher the inflation rate in the country, the lower the exchange rate of its currency, unless other factors counteract it)
  • the balance of payments situation (with the passive balance, the demand for foreign currency to meet international obligations is growing and the exchange rate of the national currency is decreasing)
  • the difference in interest rates in different countries
  • foreign exchange market activity and speculative currency transactions
  • the degree of use of a certain currency in the euro-currency market and in international settlements
  • acceleration or delay of international payments.

 crypto currency

The exchange rate of bitcoins

The exchange rate of bitcoin should be analyzed from the point of view of the quantitative theory of money, which is today the basic in economic science. According to this theory, the value of money depends only on three parameters:

  • The cost of money = Y / (V * M)
  • Y is the amount by which transactions are made for a certain period of time
  • V is the speed of money turnover
  • M is the amount of money in circulation.

Mixing with the BestMixer.io service

Mixing bitcoins during the transaction helps many owners of the cryptocurrency to prevent tracking of the operation. To make the shadowing impossible, visit BestMixer.io.